Wednesday, June 22, 2005

i was pretty excited today, cuz i was supposed to get my organic juices from wen's mom's slimming salon, theresa, to get started on my weight loss program. then my mom was pretty cautious. she was like worried, that we'd get conned and in the end i wouldn't receive any slimming treatments, just the juices alone to detoxify, and then in the end we'd get cheated to buy her products instead of being offered free slimming treatments. i think we should be more trusting of people. she'd too paranoid.

then she was looking at this ad from marie france bodyline. olinda cho on the cover. she lost 18kg in 3 months, which is ard 1.5kg per week, which is pretty cool. so there the ad said $888 for 45 slimming treatments. excluding the 5%gst. i was like, cool. at least they're more forward than theresa. i've been gaining weight, lotsa weight from the past month, and i think my skirt'll feel tight again when i go back to skool, which is i think, next week. so, my mom made an appointment with marie france bodyline, that we'd have a consultation with them next friday. i can't wait to lose all these... disgusting bulges of pure fat. i hate being fat, but i can't help eating food, cuz i love food. who doesn't love food? then they say that they have dieticians and a team of people to help me choose what treatments would be best for me, to lose weight. my mom was willing to pay cuz it could be paid by installments. so, thank god for installments. over a period of 12 months. at least, she's willing to spend something on me. she's always so stingy.

today, i had lotsa fun, joy and laughter with wen and conan. we have lotsa chemistry when we're together. it's like every now and then we say the same things at the same time. it's really cool that i can find people who i can really bond with, considering that i'm, you know, fat. they're truly my bosom friends. i think they know it too. we really care for each other. that's important, and we trust each other also. the parts where we just roll our heads back and laugh are the most memorable moments of our friendship. we laugh a lot, and we laugh hard. so, i'll treasure them and i hope even in the future we still can be like, the best of friends and just like, from time to time, get together and talk and eat and shop and all that. i wouldn't wanna lose them.

conan gave me an orange cubed photo stand for me, for my birthday today. it's from ikea, and i really like it. even though it's cheap, well, for conan, it's pretty expensive, so i really appreciate the present.

i sometimes wonder, when my man will ever come to me. when will i meet my love of my life? when will i first set my eyes on him? when will i see him for the first time as a stranger to each other? at an open-air cafe by boat quay? along the streets of orchard road? at borders? where i'd work? or by the internet? i can only imagine what it'd be like to be loved by my man, and i can only dream once in a blue moon, abt my man. him giving me that safe, secure, comfortable and loved feeling. him and i just talking, sharing moments. him and i, laughing til we cry. him and i, having passionate and mind-blowing sex. him and i, kissing so amorously, i can float away and lose myself in him. him and i, cooking pasta in the kitchen. him and i, taking funny photos together. him and i, showering in the bathroom together, as we still go on kissing. him and i, walking down the streets of orchard road, being the envy of other less-perfect couples around. i would love to have all that. i want to love my man so much, but i don't even know who he is. funny isn't it.

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