Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Today I did nothing again. I feel like I’m a total waste of time to myself and others. It’s like the o levels are already so near, and here I am, just whiling my time away, eating when I’m hungry, eating when I’m not hungry. I only gain weight; I’ve never lost weight in my life. When I was in primary school, I gained 10kg every year. I stopped gaining so much weight per year when I reached secondary school. But I still am gaining weight. I am pathetic. All I ever do is daydream and eat. I hate my laziness. I never thought I’d hit 100kg, but when I went to Theresa’s, the moment of truth came when I found out that I was a little over 100g. What a shocker. I haven’t been studying. Therefore I’d be struggling when the next term starts. If I keep this up, how am I supposed to do what I always dream of doing? How am I going to get my degree in business from smu, how am I going to earn big bucks for myself and give my parents vacations whenever they feel like it? How am I supposed to get good catches if my intellectual capability is no where near theirs? If so, how am I going to get married to a rich and successful man to give me a good life? O levels is so important. And I’m doing nothing to even help myself. I am pathetic.

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