Monday, July 04, 2005

belly gave birth on the 30th june! yay. the babies are adorable. hahaha, they all look like the father, all choc brown with a tuft of white fur on the crown. so cute!

anyway, yesterday my mom sis and i went to theresa's to collect the juice, then the store manager was like so blunt, sayin what, because i'm the boss's daughter's friend then i have the chance to do this, normally they'd charge between 2000 to 3000. then my mom was like ya, we're fortunate and everything. i don't like the store manager's attitude, like she despised us for being free-loaders or something in that context. hello. rude.

so we got the juice, and i'm supposed to be on the liquid diet for 3 days. her mom said 5, but the store manager, amy, said 3 will do first, cuz they think i might not be able to take it. ya, i wouldn't. so they said, on thursday, i'd go back and they'd take a before picture of me and i'd take a shower there before i start the treatment. before that they'd do a body composition of my body then they'll do up what kinda treatments would suit me best. i'm pretty apprehensive abt the treatments. ya, sure, they'd get the fats off of me, but this will be like, the first time i'll ever be in my underwear in front of anyone. i hate the sight of my belly. my waist line is dark, because whenever i wear my school uniform the skirt gets really tight at the waist, especially whenever i sit down, when all the fats just bulge out. that's why i have a drak line at my waist area, and it's really unsightly, with the stretch marks and all.

anyway, i've started my first day of liquid dieting, and i'm pretty okay now. i just miss eating meat. can't wait til this is over, then i'll have a breezy outlook again. i'm all tense and uptight.

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